Saturday, June 16, 2007


One of my neighbors trees came down today. He started out with five slim, tall oak trees. He lost two last year, one today and had to cut one of the others down to 2/3rds. He is doing his best to save them, but unfortunately he and the rest of us neighbors, are the reason why they are dying. We built our homes on the edge of a forest with a developer who didn't take enough care with the trees.

We lucked out, our tree a shag-bark hickory, was saved by some money and some ingenuity. Our neighborhood planning had our lot putting a driveway right through it. By sending our utilities to the other side and turning our garage sideways, we were able to leave it alone. Our neighbor seemed to have that advantage naturally, but they must have cut to many roots in the building process.

Trees are majestic creatures, don't you think. Whether they are living or dying they manage to give pleasure. They flow with mother nature,taking what she gives and then they give back to the earth. They clean our air and nourish the next generation. They even give themselves up to our uses, fire, utility and art.

I wonder if you were a tree, would you want to give warmth and comfort? Would you be a beautiful piece of furniture? Maybe you would like to become a piece of art? Or would you want to live as part of nature in the woods, giving back to others like you?

If you think about it trees give an awful lot! Have you planted a tree lately?


  1. mmm - trained as a garden designer, i do love these photographs of trees in all their different permutations. the tree is one of my most favorite of all elements in a garden - instant structure, focus, lovely in so many different varieties...... we should keep all our trees - dead or alive. they provide wonderful habitats for a host of wildlife ....... and stay beautiful, always.

  2. You are so right! I am lucky enough to have a forest behind me. It is amazing to watch the changes that happen.
    I checked out your site, you have a beautiful way of blending photos and words.

  3. Beautiful post. I love trees, we're lucky to have trees across the road from our flat even though we're in the middle of a city. It makes such a difference.

  4. Trees do make a difference. We live in an industrial area and I am always amazed that we don't smell any pollution because of the forest between us and the industry.

  5. One of my pines is running sap so I had a tree guy look at it. He said the tree was OK -- and then he oooh'd over my neighborhood, which has these stands of 100-year-old trees. (That's old in logging country.) In most of the neighborhoods, the trees died when the houses were built. Just like you describe.

  6. It's so wonderful to live next to nature, yet so sad when we see trees go. Thankfully the very act of living this close makes us want to preserve more of it. Such a balancing act.I am glad your developer was careful.