Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Art comes in so many forms, paint, coloured pencils, pastels, ink, my favorite graphite and so-o many more. Art now has a new medium, the computer.
A young man on a drawing forum was showing people how to make sprites on MSPaint. They are little 100x100 pixel pictures, that can have a fair amount of detail. If I understand correctly, they are used for games. They can be the people or the background or stuff that you use in the game.(to my knowledge?) Anyways, he was showing people how they to do them and no one was responding. So he says "come on you know you want to". Well, how could I resist? So I opened up my MSPaint and got to work. Like any good renaissance woman would!
Here are my version of sprites...
dog allie aligator-drawspace lesson
cloud face
lizard emma emu- drawspace lesson
baby elephant-photo from smithsonian zoo gallery

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