Sunday, June 17, 2007


I want to draw a picture of my father. He was a good looking man, but my Mom says he didn't like his picture taken. Something I never realized until I tried to find a picture with good detail to work from. Never mind that I also have a idea of what I want.

The way I think of my Dad when I want to remember sitting in a lawn chair, at our trailer on the lake, with a coffee in his hand, his blue fishing hat on, and that do you have something we can argue about grin...easy right?

My Dad died on fathers day 13 years ago. Now most people say, that's so terrible. Well it was bad that he died at 58, but I have to look at it differently. He had a major heart attack at fifty, it was a miracle that he survived it. So we received 8 precious years with him. At this time he went on disability pension. He saw three of his kids get married, 5 grandkids be born and he was at home to enjoy it all. He learned to bake, do cross stitch and babysit those grandkids. When he worked he did a hard, hot job and was stressed out much of the time worrying about losing his job. We got to see a whole new side to him.

On the Fathers Day that he died, we were all gathered together for a family breakfast. A tradition in our house, for every holiday. People who only showed up once in a while, stopped in for coffee and a chat. We figured out afterwards, that just about everybody that he knew had seen him in the last week. Interesting how life happens isn't it? Maybe this isn't something that would comfort everyone, but we are such a social and connected family, that this was a great comfort. A gift for him and for us.


  1. Mark aka baddawgJune 26, 2007 at 8:38 PM

    Yes I was totally bummed I wasn't there for that day ! I was looking for a rest area or truckstop to stop at and call him to wish him happy fathersday.... old days not many cell phones back then... alas I got a satellite mssg to call home b4 I could find a place to stop, and it was to late he had died already.

    P.S. thats how i would picture him too

  2. That's odd you must have been there in our thoughts.
    Love you