Thursday, June 7, 2007


On my drawing forum we have challenges all the time to keep us inspired and hopefully drawing each day. This was my attempt at a cartoon challenge. Okay... my sense of humor falls on the juvenile side at the best of times.

My favorite...
Why did the chicken stop in the middle of the road?

Because he wanted to lay it on the line!

My brother Mark is the comedian in the family. He has impeccable timing and he actually remembers the punchline...every time! I think if you met him for the first time he could tell you jokes all night long and not run out. That includes not retelling ones you might have heard. And even better than that they are actually funny! Or severely raunchy!
My brother called me today and let me know I forgot his birthday. I am sure a renaissance woman would not forget her brothers birthday. But what can I say I'm in training. To make it up to him I want all you single woman who stumble upon my blog to go check out my brother on his blog site. He is a hard working long distance trucker, loves music, dancing, humor and don't worry he doesn't come with the dog.
Now we should be square...don't you think?
PS if I don't keep posting, he probably came home to get me!
Happy belated birthday Mark!


  1. na nuh na nuh na nuh comin to get you!!!!! Muahh hahahahahahahaha!Very cute and thx for the birthday wish