Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pay it Forward....

Bird of Prey 2
prisma colour pencil on black paper
Photo source Al Mogaver at Morgue files

A while ago I got a chance to be part of a pay it forward. Jeanette at Illustrated Life was offering a piece of her art work as a return to receiving a piece of Vivien's art at Paintings Prints and Stuff who will receive a piece of art from Tina at The Cycling Artist and so on.

Bird of Prey 3
prisma colour pencil on black paper
photo source by Bobby at Morgue Files

In the new year Jeanette will be sending me a drawing. I also want to pay it forward so I am going to offer three pieces of my art, to the first three people that ask for it. I will send it through the mail in the New Year. All I ask is that you pay it forward also. Keep the good Karma flowing.

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Book....

While I didn't post anything during November and early December, I was busy. I just had no way to get my pictures up, until I borrowed a camera cable from my Father in Law. One of the things that I did was to make a book about my first year of drawing. I did this with Blurb and their software.

Bald Eagle....

Bald Eagle
3.5x2.5 inches
Prisma Colour Pencil on Drafting Film
Photo source is Snork at Morgue Files
Last night Jim and I went to an Artists Trading Card evening. It was held at Artcite in Windsor. Not many people showed up because of the holidays. Which was a good way to introduce myself into showing my own work. I traded three of my cards with my Cousin George who told me about the trading night. The artists get together on the last Thursday of the month to trade cards.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gifts....

These are the wonderful ATCs that I received from the exchange at Drawspace. I have a couple more I am waiting on, so I will add them later. Beautiful!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas ATCs....

These were done for an exchange at Drawspace. The white ones are Prisma colour on drafting film and the black ones are Prisma on black paper. The black ones are my design and the others are from photo sources. If you click on the name below it will take you to the original photo.


Christmas Lights
Photo source from Ladyheart at Morgue Files.

Advent Candles

Tree topper
Photo source from Ladyheart at Morgue Files.

My Snowman

Christmas Bells
Photo source from Ladyheart at Morgue Files.

Light for my Tree

Antique Ornament
Photo source from Nacu at Morgue Files.

Candy Canes

Snow on my Branches
Photo source from Ladyheart at Morgue Files.

Santa's Hat

Sanibel Island....

Ah-h Vacation!

My Wild Turkey?....

This Turkey has been visiting us for the last couple of months. It just loves the acorns, or something behind my fence. I went looking through the web for wild turkey pictures and names. To my surprise I found out that this Hen(?) is a Bourbon Red, which is an heritage turkey. While I am sure he was hiding from the American Thanksgiving table, I do wonder where he came from??

Christmas Card...

At Let's Make Art we had a card exchange this year. This is the Christmas card I made. I did not know who it was going to until after it was done. It was kind of funny to find out that my horses were to head to Texas!
The photo source that I used was from Click at Morgue Files.
If you want to see the card I received go to Let's Make Art.

A Wish For You...

This month I had a private ATC exchange with one of my friends on Drawspace. We decided to do a theme with three cards. This is the set I did. The cards are Prisma colour pencil on drafting film. If you go to Drawspace you can see the beautiful set I got from Kim.
The photo source for More Family Time was from Imelenchon at Morgue files.
The photo source for Inner Calm was from Poncke at Morgue Files.
The photo source for Child Like Wonder was from Taliesin at Morgue Files.