Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sculptural Book Making....

One of the newer members at Drawspace is an art teacher. Garth offered to do some art classes for us, which I jumped at! In this first class (first of many I hope) he showed us how to bind a book. I used black paper, cardboard and red cord.
Garth used Power point and video to teach the course, trying to find out what works best with Drawspace. Both were very well done, the video had the added bonus of Celtic music in the background.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cat cards.....

Well I am finally back. I have joined a trade at Drawspace to try to get back in the groove. I put my things away at Christmas and they just never came back out. The ATC trade is for 18 cards on Cats, Crazy Cats.
ATCs originally were playing cards that artists painted white and then put their own art on. So I thought I would try to incorporate that idea. It was harder than I thought, trying to get a drawing down to the minimal amount of lines and then inside of a shape. I think I could spend the whole month just trying to get these to look the way I want them, but I still have 13 more to do. The three or four redraws that I have done will have to do.

You might be wondering why Bob is on the back of Cat cards. We have always said that Bob is the biggest cat we have ever met. He is also my Avatar most places right now so he is recognizable as mine. Kind of like a signature.


Ace of Clubs
This one will have to get redone or stay home.

King of Spades

Queen of Hearts

Jack of Diamonds
Hm-m I wonder if white out will fix the lines across the ears?