Sunday, June 10, 2007

A day at the beach...

Don't you love the beach? Especially when surrounded by family? Even surly teens? I do! Today we went to Point Pelee National Park. It was my brother in law's birthday. Every year the whole family gathers at Point Pelee for his birthday. The one year that he broke tradition, he was told by me and all the children, that from now on we would celebrate his birthday at the beach, with or with out him.

The best thing about Point Pelee is that the beach stretches forever(or 10km). These are views looking up the beach, south then north. The South side goes to a tip which is the most southern point in Canada. Sadly this last year saw the sand tip erode quite aways.

When we go to the beach everyone brings kites with them. This year we got five kites flying! Not little triangle kites either, these are big eagles, blimps, birds and multi-faceted shapes. All brilliantly coloured. My In laws give them as presents when they see a neat one. So we have quite a few in the family.

Several people in the party brought bikes and went riding on the trails. Me I went for my walk on the beach. My two nieces, my Mom, Zena (her Boston Terrier) and Bob (my Great Dane) came with me. We walked for about 30 min. in one direction and didn't even make it to the curve in the beach.

When I was a little girl, I would pack a lunch, grab my dog and explore the beach all day long. The beach is a five sensory extravaganza. The way it feels, looks, smells, sounds and even tastes(bbq hamburgers and hot dogs) all make it worth the trip out. I even love the tired sun and sand blasted way I feel that night!

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