Tuesday, June 5, 2007


There was a topic on the radio today.... this lady wrote a book saying that it was unfair to parents, to not tell them that life with children wasn't going to be all roses and lemon drops. That society was setting up parents especially stay at home Moms for a big disappointment. I would like to know what dream land she lives in. She never met a Mom with the grand canyon under her eyes because precious doesn't sleep? She never had a parent say they had another activity to go to? Does she have no recollection of her childhood? Is her own job never boring? Do her husband and herself have a perfect marriage day in and day out? That anyone can go into childrearing without first asking do I really want to take on this responsibility is amazing!

I have four boys they are wonderful, boisterous, fun loving, terrors and I can't imagine life without them....well actually I could! It would be quite and serene, my husband and I could stare into each others eyes for...hours! The toilet would be clean! The bills would be lower! I could have a full set of dishes and utensils! I wouldn't have to share the computer as much! I could afford to travel! Wow the list does go on.

Of course the other list does too! No screams of joy when the kids come off the bus, race into the house (and slam the door in the others ones face), shouting I'm home! No precious little hand prints in cement stepping stones (and on the wall) on Mother's day. No eureka moment when lacing shoes (for the thousandth time) and he gets it. No proud moment when you realize that you don't have to worry, your child does have friends, good ones. No one climbing into your bed, because "it's better, I'll get out when you need it". No "look Mom!" for every jump, flip, dive and every crazy thing he does. That your secretly thinking If I don't see it he can't get hurt. No little fingers twiddling your hair, while they tell you of their grand ideas. I could go on and on with this list.
See...can't live without them. I am sure a renaissance woman would have a nanny. Me, I go on vacation for that other stuff!

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