Monday, June 4, 2007


Do you think that a renaissance woman would own a set of beautiful well behaved hounds?
I do believe she would, they would probably be a matched set, which I don't have. But I am sure she would approve of my set. I have a beautiful Great Dane named Bob, and a wonderful little Bouvier des Flandres puppy.

Bob is 8 years old, which for a giant breed, is a senior citizen. We call him the cat/dog because he is willing to sleep for 20, maybe even 22 hours a day. Bob is a well trained dog, except like every cat owner knows...only comes when it is convenient to him! Bob loves other dogs, he would stay at the dog park for hours on end. About a year ago Bob discovered that he was fully equipped! Did he use this to terrorize all the females in the neighborhood? No....he went after every male dog, and he had a special fondness for my cousins white pit bull (bad owners and bad breeders are the problem with this breed not the breed!). Bob followed that dog every minute that they were together. Of course if the dog in question would have given him a good growl and nip it wouldn't have been a problem. But no-o, the wonderful dog in question just said... have at it! ugh! So at this ancient age we have had to train our dog to not hump other dogs...and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Gracie is the opposite of Bob, where Bob is all angles and lumbering, Gracie is soft and round and fleet of foot. Gracie chews on the back of Bob's legs like they are a piece of chicken! I have had to save Bob from Gracie's ferocious teeth on several occasions. She moves so fast, and she can jump high enough to nip his sides too! It took awhile but Bob is starting to put her in her place, he does a good Cujo imitation when needed. Luckily for Gracie it's all show.
Gracie is only 14 weeks old, she still has until the end of June before she gets all of her shots. While I am sure a renaissance woman would have someone to take her puppies off her hands, (while said puppy is chewing on everything in site, still being house trained and has enough energy to run a marathon) this one does not. Our backyard is cement, deck and pool, no room for running. So we have resorted to making play dates for the puppy. (walks and dog parks are out until she has all shots). If you know dogs, you know that a bored puppy is a destructive puppy. So, as often as I can beg my friends, we head off to visit other dogs. Did I tell you that Gracie already weighs 22lbs and intimidates other dogs ....because of course she is still a teeth gnashing, bowl you over and jump on you puppy!

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