Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Challenge host????

Well maybe not. This is a quick sketch of her baby picture. She posted the picture as part of her challenge at Drawspace.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yellow Hornbill....

Here is a new sprite that I worked on this week. This guy was part of the weekly challenge at Drawspace. Marisa dragged a camera and zoom lens around Africa to get us this great picture. I am sure it was for us!

I remembered to save this picture as I was working on it. Here is the series.

I work in MS Paint, 100 x100 pixels (about an inch square). I zoom to about 600% and look at the thumbnail at the same time, as it gets very pixelated near the end. This is done with one layer.
One of the members at DS was showing us how to do sprites, I guess they get used in games like Mario Brothers. I found I enjoyed doing them, that they were more fun than playing games on the computer. Whenever I find myself getting into mindlessly playing games, I try to switch over to doing one of these. That way I am still learning about colour, shape and tones.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have been talking with Sue Smith of the Ancient Artist:Developing an Art Career Over 50. Today she has posted my interview in her Sunday Salon Series.
In Sue's own words this is what she is setting out to do:

Artists have always come together into groups where they share common passions, philosophies, argue over content and inspire each other into greater accomplishments. Some of the great groups that come to mind were the Impressionists, the Ashcan Painters, the Abstract Expressionists, the Modernists in Taos...the list is endless. I believe that an artist cannot create in isolation, nor can he or she take the necessary risks without the motivations, challenges and inspirations found within these groups. My goal is to create a similar environment here, a virtual salon where each month (or week) I "sit down" and talk to an artist about whatever we want to talk about. My sincere hope is that others will join the conversation through comments left on posts and through future interviews. Using this format instead of a discussion board, my hope is for a more in depth, focused discussion that informs, challenges, and encourages everyone.

Now I had to ask Sue where I fit into this, she has interviewed some amazing artists, ones who are very accomplished. Sue assured me that there are people out there who will want to hear how I have been learning to draw in the last year and a bit.

The Sunday Salons are a great way to get to know some new and wonderful artists. While you are there, Sue is an accomplished artist, well worth checking out her websites. I know you will find favorites as I have. You will also find an abundance of information on developing an art career.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adding Colour....

Waiting on the Wind
prisma colour on black paper

Okay I am a lot happier. While not perfect by any means, it is much better than the tea cup. Patience is key, when I slowed down and used a lighter hand I was able to get many layers in. Now I have to slow down even further and do a good line drawing and transfer it to the good paper, that way I will end up with less obvious mistakes on the finished product:)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Underpainting on Black....

I went back with a simpler object to try a white underpainting on black paper. This time I used the same paper, more patience and a smaller area (2.5x3.5"). I'll try adding colour to it tomorrow. This underpainting is better than the one I had done for the teacup, so we will see if that makes a difference in the end. I think I still have a bit too heavy a hand.
The photo I used for this drawing is from Noblejose from The Morgue Files.

Do You See...

It is interesting to see the images that come from giving the camera to the kids. They have a different perspective on life, if only because they are a foot or two short than you are. Well that may be an exaggeration, now a days they are catching up fast if not already towering over me! Regardless, they travel different paths, different things look interesting to them and they always come up with a couple of interesting pictures.

Did they take the picture of the broken tree because it was dangling way up there (threatening their very lives)? Or did they take it because they saw the long neck dinosaur checking them out?

What did they see (while standing on the thinnest piece of ice) looking down the creek? Did they see the rather pompous looking rabbit or did they see how far they could look down the creek?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Teacup woes....

Well this one is for the filing cabinet. What did I can't do your line drawing on the page you're drawing on. Okay I knew this, but just couldn't think how to transfer it....I need to find better black paper....if I am going to do underpainting, it needs to be in better detail. I'm sure I will think of more.
Meantime, is there anyone out there who wants to come to Let's Make Art or Drawspace and teach a lesson on coloured pencil on black paper?

Friday, February 1, 2008

New game of tag....

I've been tagged by Steve from Steve's Drawing Blog. This tag is for five things you don't know about me.
1. I have a degree in Architectural Technology. I used it in a job for about three years, ha, about the same amount of time that it took me to get it.
2. I love strong, strong coffee. I can drink it right up until I go to sleep, but I can't drink it in the morning. Coffee before 10:00am will have me snoring before noon.
3. I go for breakfast with my Mom, my Mother and Father In-Law, Lenore and anyone else who can make it every Friday morning.
4. My favorite season is Autumn. I love how the clouds race across the sky and the temperature is perfect.
5. This summer I will have been married twenty years!!!

Okay, now it is time to tag five other people.
1. Indiaartist- she is doing one a day paintings and is turning out some beauties!
2. Astig Museum- Pepe is bringing to life his memories of the Philippines . His drawings are full of colour and movement.
3. MBaldwin Fine Art-Marcia does one absolutely gorgeous painting after another, they are full of fun and colour.
4. Color On! - Cindy, who I just found while bouncing around the blogging world, does beautiful Coloured Pencil drawings. She uses an underpainting technique that I find very interesting, as well as working on black paper, something I am struggling with.
Now my tagged people have to tell five things about themselves, then go out and tag five other bloggers. Have fun, get to know people.