Saturday, April 10, 2010

 Here is a sketch of a young girl from one of the drawing challenges at Drawspace.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To blog or not to blog........

Hard Day at the Office
paper is Bristol Smooth 148lb from Bienfang
 Staedtler pigment liner 0.3.
It is about 4x6.

I have been ignoring my blog and thinking about dropping it all together.  I had found that it was just being about my art. Not that that is bad, just that it wasn't my intention to only talk about art.  I started talking about family and other things at the beginning, but gradually dropped it.  Then I started another blog called thinking, learning, doing.  This blog was a chance to talk about things I and my family were  interested in.  It also fell by the wayside.  As it narrowed in topic and content.  I have, today, blended that blog into this blog.

So I have been trying to decide why I am writing a blog. I think I want it to be a type of journal, a catalog of my interests.  It's public, so I think that is the reason I went to showing just my art.  Now I am thinking if the blog is going to keep my interest it will have to follow my interests.  Things like art, cooking, kids, dogs, Jim and his trains and the world around me. Will this be of any interest to others?  Maybe sometimes and  maybe not.  But it, I think, will keep my interest.  My blog will be for me and anybody who is interested is welcome to read along.  I hope that it will show me in the light that I have always tried to portray, that of some one who is always open to learning new things.  To that end I am going to keep Becoming a Renaissance Woman as the title.