Monday, June 11, 2007

Bob for sale....

I had to bring my son lunch today. He says Dad forgot to put it in his backpack. I wondered whose lunch and backpack it was?
Since I was going out in the car to do this, I figure well I'll take the dogs to the pet store (safe outing
to use up energy). We get there, while I am putting the puppy in the cart and securing him (still no shots) Bob jumps out of the car! into the aisle way! luckily no cars coming. Apparently all those times that I told him to sit/stay when opening the car door wasn't good enough for today. Fortunately this is one time he high tailed it back when I called him. Then I get them together and I walk into the store. A store that I have been to many a time with Bob, a perfect gentleman every time. I figure I'll take a couple of rounds letting them see other dogs and what not. I get to the end of the store and Bob starts peeing! Have you ever seen a Great Dane pee? Unfortunately, I realize at this time that he didn't go outside at home, he pretty much takes care of himself, but when we left is when he got up. So I decide, after I have an employee clean up after him (to big a mess to clean up with courtesy towels!), that I better get him outside to finish his business. At this time a whole group of people see him and the puppy and come to say hello. Well Bob, having a senior citizen's constitution, takes this for a couple of minutes and then proceeds to dump! Boy people move fast! So after cleaning up this mess, I figure I might as well get the walking in that I planned, he's done right? No! Having treated the store like a dog park thus far...he smells a spot where some other dog marked! So he proceeds to mark! A puddle that takes about twenty towels! All this time the puppy is behaving beautifully, except I am terrified that she will try to jump out and will strangle herself while I am cleaning messes. I beat heck out of there and Bob is now in hiding. Luckily for him I know it is my fault for not making sure he had gone out. I am sure there is a lesson in there.
Okay maybe he's not for sale, he does put up with a lot of abuse. Owners who don't put him out, kids, puppies...

Now on the other hand Douglas is for sale. He comes home and says he didn't even eat all day! Now you know I brought him his lunch! He says he didn't have time to eat it! So I make him get it out and eat it. Later when I am checking his backpack for homework, what do I find? His lunch, beautifully wrapped by Jim, with a juice and a treat!


  1. That's just sooooooo funny. Yes I know not at the time, but those with dogs all have THOSE kinds of days. Giggle.

    And the images of Bob are fabulous. I love Great Danes and nearly bought one myself some years back then reality kicked in. I would love to do a little drawing of that first image if I may?

  2. Jeanette,
    I would love for you to do a drawing of Bob. Great Danes are very laid back, we call Bob the cat/dog. But when things happen, as they will do, they come king sized!

  3. I came to your blog from Jeanette's blog. I saw the portrait she has started of Bob. He is adorable and the pose fantastic. I really enjoyed your story about your shopping trip. I have had a similar experience with my mini schnauzer but at least the mess is much smaller. Thank you for today's laugh.

  4. Jeanneg,
    Dogs are just the funniest, even while I was as embarrassed as can be, I knew I would be laughing later. Assuming he ever stopped long enough for me to leave the store, I had visions of him marking every two steps!