Saturday, June 9, 2007


Have you ever thought of who your hero would be? On a drawing forum there was a challenge to draw your hero. Well that might be easier said than done. I for one had never given it any thought. I of course have people I admire, people who do amazing things. Fire fighters who save people, doctors, nurses, fathers and mothers who put food on the table...I mean if you start thinking about it we are surrounded by heroes. People who go above and beyond the call to duty. People who persevere through great obstacles. Some we will know about and most we won't.
Since I didn't know at the time who my hero was, I went looking. How did I look? I Google searched of course! Canadian heroes...I decide to pick the one that meant something to my life. This is Dr. Fredrick Banting, he is the one that had the light bulb moment that led to the discovery of insulin. He and his team won the Nobel prize for their discovery.
Now how does this affect my life? My Mother in law has diabetes. If insulin was not discovered, she would probably not be here. Her mother died giving birth due to diabetes. Hilda has five wonderful boys (men) one of whom is my husband. The handsome guy to the side!
I think it is not who is my favorite hero, it is who is the hero on top of the hero list today? I do believe you don't have far to look to find a hero in your life.

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