Friday, June 8, 2007


I belong to a website called Drawspace. This is an artists forum dedicated to teaching everyone how to draw. Brenda Hoddinott is the very talented lady who brings this site to us. She has more than 100 lessons available from beginner to advanced. On a regular basis she also adds more lessons for us to do . Like this adorable Emma Emu, above.

My philosophy on teaching art is to focus primarily
on the enjoyment aspects while gently introducing
the technical and academic. Hence, in creating a
passion for the subject matter, the quest for
knowledge also becomes enjoyable.
>Brenda Hoddinott<

Along with these lessons, there is a wonderful forum with people from all around the world. This community of artist is the perfect compliment to Brenda's lessons. We encourage and help each other through the learning process. We also do weekly challenges and some classes to help us learn.

If you think there is an artist inside of you or you just want your doodles to look better this is the place to start. This renaissance woman did just that and is having a blast.

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