Tuesday, July 28, 2009

William's deck of Cards......

William, my 12 year old son wanted to share the deck of cards that he has been working on. They are all from his imagination, except Stewie from Family Guy. He wants to know if you get whats funny about Stewie being there. He came up with all the designs on his own. William is my guy who is always drawing, not to bad, eh?


  1. Stewie being evil? I have no idea, can't stand the show ;)

    nice card designs :)

  2. William did a fine job on his cards Paulette, you have yourself an artist there..

  3. Yes you have it Jennifer. Although I am really not sure why that is funny. I haven't seen the show and am not real sure where he saw it.

    I'll let William know that you gals liked his cards, Thank you for checking them out.

  4. Alrighty...I know I am out of the loop not knowing who Stewie is, but your drawing buddy did a smashing job on those cards! ;o )

  5. You and me both and I live here!
    He got himself included in the 60's trade that is happening at DS, so he is very happy.