Monday, July 27, 2009

Swan time......

The photographs of these swans are from my husband. They were around on one of the school field trips that the kids went on. The trip was for one of those old fashioned villages. Nothing to do with swans but who could resist taking a picture when they sit there so beautifully.

I had to show the photograph for this curious guy, because I know my drawing looks funny. I was trying to recreate the dappled shade that the swan was standing in. Not an easy task as I found out. Both drawings are CP on drafting film.


  1. is that a drain pipe?

    I think you did a good job getting the basic dappled shade on the swan, just might need to be darkened to get more of a contrast between it and the white of the swan :)

  2. those are so cute paulette, well done

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes it is a drain pipe or something like it (my husband took the picture). That could be it, going darker.

    Thank you Kay!