Thursday, October 9, 2008

The downward spiral of a little flower....

Everyday for the last week or so I have been doing a little more to my drawing. I was happy with my flower and I was okay with my vase. I liked the colour I was getting on my background. Then things started to fall apart, so I fixed this, then I fixed that. And each day it continued, maybe this will make it better, or this. Some days as you can tell I didn't have the heart to photograph the poor, poor flower.
Then I thought to myself, maybe I should have some of those thumbnail sketches that I hear everyone talk about. Of course it was to late to help this poor flower.
Now on the upside, my flower makes a really cool negative picture!

All kidding aside, I would have done better with some planning on paper. It would have shown me that I wanted a different placement on my page. I might have remembered that I like a picture that is not filled in to every corner, I like white space.
Well I am off to draw some Under the Sea trading cards for Drawspace.


  1. Well, the secret of being an artist is knowing how to fix mistakes, lol. I think the flower and vase are perfect, it is just the background that doesn't work. How about shoving on some watercolour or acrylic or gesso and trying some more, or cutting out the good bit and going even more mixed media with collage?

    It's too good to give up now!

  2. Well, you got something good from this time you know to plan your colors and design on a seperate piece of paper. ;-) I make the same mistake every time, simply because of impatience. But I agree with Kari Gibson. Perhaps neocolors or something else would come handy to the rescue. I am looking forward to your underwater atc's. ;-)

  3. Hey Paulette,
    Lovely site you have here! I haven't been following along with your posts on this drawing since I just found your blog about a week ago, but from what I can see it's a beautiful drawing! I don't know what your goal was with it, but I think you gave the background an interesting twist.

    Hope we can keep up with each other via blogs now! :)
    --Abigail (MovieMusicAddict from DS)

  4. Hi Kari,
    I agree, I should be able to fix it some how. I have never worked with paint, well short of grade school, so that would be an adventure all of its own. It is still on my board being thought on.
    Hi Christine,
    Plan, plan, plan!
    I got my ATCs started today.
    Hi Abigail,
    Thank you!
    I will have to get you added to my Pipe, top right, of blogs I read.
    Your blog is looking great.