Saturday, October 11, 2008

Under the Sea Trading Cards.....

For my trading cards (2.5x3.5") I decided to do Jellyfish on black paper. Starting with white as my base I find I can get my colours to glow like the real jelly fish. These are two of the twelve I need to do for the Drawspace trade.
For this project I am using photos from Flickr these people (the ones I am using) allow derivative work to be done, with credit being given to them for the original photo.
My orange jellyfish was photographed by Strollers in the aquarium in Osaka.

The green jellyfish were photographed by Eschipul in the Houston Aquarium.

I have a cool thing to share. My son was bugging me for an answer to something while I was trying to figure out the opposite colour to orange. I told him if he could give me the answer, he is in high school art, that he can do whatever he was bugging me about. Of course by the time I got this all said I had the answer. But kids being kids he had a better one. Stare at the colour orange and then stare at a white paper and you will have the exact opposite colour. Hm-m so I stared at my coloured pencil, and got nothing. Then I scribbled in a square of orange, stared at it then at the white paper. How cool, a blue square showed up, lighter than the blue I had already picked out.

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