Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October VSD participants....

I gave my pears from the VSD a couple more minutes of touch up. I can see myself doing more pears in the future, what a lovely shape to work with. I forgot to mention that the great photograph that we worked with is from Belinda Lindhart.
Here is the list of this months participants. There are some wonderful drawings and paintings of pairs to see.

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Here is one more jellyfish ATC for my Under the Sea Trade. I am getting sick of jellyfish and I still have two more to do. On the up side, I most say that they are amazing creatures. This one was photographed by Ed Bierman in Monterey.


  1. Hihglights really livened this up! Thanks for posting the list, must have taken quite a while - I put them all in a 'Bloglines' folder! Like the jellyfish too, especially this latest one, love the colours.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment on my pear sketch. I like your pastel version,and really enjoyed exploring your blog. What a good idea to do the jellyfish in pastel on black. I might revisit my dreaded bluebottle.
    Brilliant list too... the cross referencing takes SO long, I must do something intelligent next time.

  3. Hi Kay,
    Thank you. I'll have to check into Bloglines. I finished the jellyfish today, thank goodness!
    Hi Vivienne,
    Thank you, the pears and jellyfish are actually in CP, working on the black was fun. Getting a picture of it not so great. I am going to try again before I send them off to their homes.
    You're an adventurous lady, going and getting your own jellyfish to paint!

  4. Your pear sketch sparkles with a pleasing light touch. I like your jellyfish too. And thanks for checking out my pears.

  5. Lovely job on the pears! And I enjoyed seeing your jellyfish also!

  6. You are an angel for posting the links to the participants, I was despairing of ever getting around to seeing them all, lol!

    I love your interpretation, beautiful piece. Oh! and the jellyfish, superb!

  7. Hi Bluelilac,
    thank you.

    Thank you Marie.

    Thank you Kari. I am glad you can use the list. It was looking very confusing to me too.

  8. Wow! so wonderful! Your Pears are most tasty! Well. done. The undersea Jellfish is also very nice. I hope you have enjoyed all this art activity.
    You work seems to say you do.