Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Cozy In Their Nest...

Here is the drawing that I did for my PIF, this went to Jan at Pets to Posies. I did this drawing right after I did the little lesson for Wilson and I. The lesson was basically about getting depth to your drawing. Here you can see how I applied this lesson to my drawing of the cygnets. The first photo is before I checked my drawing in black and white. The last photo is after I darked up the drawing, (staying away from black). The middle photo is of course my source photo from Hotblack at the Morgue files (Scott has some great photos to check out). With the black and white photos I exaggerated the whites and darks so it is a little easier to see where I needed to go darker and where I needed to go lighter. I do believe I managed to bring more form to my drawing. Although as you can see, I could still push it further. I also see that I need to keep an eye on my colours. A Black Cherry might have been a better dark than the Indigo Blue.


  1. So, this is how you did it! I really, really like this painting and immediately framed it and hung it on one of the walls in my studio where I can see it all the time.

    Thank you so much again! Just as I'm sure you feel fortunate to receive Jeanette's drawings, I feel very fortunate to receive this one from you!

  2. You know how to make a girl feel good! I am honoured that you hung it in your new studio:)