Monday, January 14, 2008

Roosters bringing together friends and art???

Okay... it's not a rooster but it is one of those cool photo ops that appear every here and there and... you already saw my rooster. Course it does have rooster like colours and a colourful plumage so... maybe?

I thought I would point out some great roosters that have shown up. There is of course the roosters on Drawspace that came about because of the weekly challenge. If you go here you will see them.

Then at the same time Jan at Pets to Posies was painting a rooster for her local animal shelter. You can see her wonderful rooster here where she speaks on the coincidence of several of us doing roosters.

Then I had the opportunity to see the wonderful art of Bonnie Luria at St. Croix-nicity when she left a nice comment on my rooster. Bonnie has a story and a great drawing of a rooster here. In fact her words inspired me to do this post and not only include the roosters you have seen so far but to go out and find a new rooster or two... if you will.
This is what she had to say...

The serendipity of these web wires is like having a box of Cracker Jacks every day only the surprises are not junky trinkets.
They're unexpected treasures of some amazing talents that you'd never otherwise see.

So then I went to find some other treasures.
Sheri Johnson of Sheri Johnston's design and Illustration has a rooster here and if you move on to her other blog you can read about her life in St. Kitt's as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Then there is the artist Kacey who is part of a zodiac project. Since she was born in the year of the rooster, she did this most amazing rooster, here.

Crazycollie1 at Art Cards Editions and Originals has this wonderful ACEO rooster and poem, here. All her art has poems or stories to go with them, quite enjoyable.

Pepe at Astig Museum does drawing on the computer about his life in the Philippines, he now lives down under. Here are his rooster and hen done with corel draw.

This rusty rooster lurks in Claygirls yard. You can see it here on Flickr.

I got caught up in reading the posts at the Perfect Neurotic. Here is her post on Sock Monkeys and Chickens with... of course, a sock monkey and a rooster quilted and stitched to a towel. Wonderful reading!

arcia Baldwin at Daily Paintings has the most colourful work. You will see a gorgeous painting of a rooster here.

There were many other roosters out there but these were the ones, along with their blog that caught my attention. Some treasures for you to check out!


  1. Thank you Paulette for your sweet comments about my painting of Rooster 11008 displayed on my Daily painting blog. It was so nice to hear from you and also to view your blog.
    Thanks again,
    Marcia Baldwin
    M Baldwin Fine Art Originals

  2. Hi Marcia,
    I'll be looking forward to seeing your future paintings.

  3. Thanks for featuring my art-entry "Rooster and Hen" here Paulette....! Wow, i'm so flattered by this ha-ha....! This is really a great favor you've given me thanks a lot....! Allow me to return it by adding your link in my blog and also include some short words about your site in my next entry.... Thanks again.... God bless, and take care....! =D

  4. Thank you for the great comments regarding my blog. Your artwork is sensational. You're gifted, no doubt about it.

  5. Pepe,
    I look forward to hearing more about the Philippines and seeing the art to go with it.
    Beth Thank you!
    I'll be going back to read more of your blog.

  6. Hi Paulette and thanks for the lovely mention and enthusiatic appreciation of my painting and blog. I guess it takes one to know one. There's an expression here on St Croix that " who knows it feels it " and I would say that's true of artists.
    I'm flattered to me mentioned with the talent you've listed too.
    I've added your site to my blogroll, happily!
    Isn't this a marvel?

  7. Thanks for including me in this illustrious and talented group of artists! And thanks for the "Rooster Tour" - it was so enjoyable to see the different ways we all interpret ordinary things!

  8. Bonnie,
    I like that, "who knows it feels it". It is fun!
    I think you brought it up first, noticing all the different roosters that have popped up. It is great to see the different interpretations. The animal rescue place is going to love your picture, I am sure they will have many bids.

  9. Thanks again, Paulette. The rooster on my blog isn't the one that is going to the rescue auction. The one on the blog was just an experiment with the Twinkling H2O's that Joanie told us about. It turned out ok but not exactly a piece for an auction since the paint is sort of glittery. The one posted at LMA is the one going to the auction. Same rooster but artist's watercolors this time.

  10. Paulette, I just read your response on the "Hoodiewinked" story I wrote concerning my son. I really do appreciate your perspective on this. I was surprised how many thought I shouldn't do anything. I will say, before I got all the advice, I called the school, told them the story, and was rudely asked by the secretary, "You want us to actually try to get back a piece of clothing for you?" I explained I didn't want a big deal made, but that the piece of clothing in question was actually a hooded sweatshirt we bought on an island and unless we go back to that island, it can't be replaced, but that it's from a special family vacation, the sentiment couldn't be replaced. I told her maybe this girl gave it away, threw it in the Lost & Found, etc., and told her my son would be the only one with a Block Island sweatshirt and it would be his. She said she'd tell the principal, possibly call the girl in, and quickly hung up. Nothing came of it. To tell you the truth, if I could have found out the girl's phone number, which my son didn't have, I would just have phoned her parents directly and forwarded them all my son's e-mails showing she does in fact have it. I'm still pissed about it and am glad someone understands. Thank you.

  11. Beth,
    I was actually surprised at the response I got from the school I had expected to get the same response you did. Makes me glad I tried.
    I feel for you we dealt with this for over a month.

  12. Good day Paulette, just passing by to say hello.... You know, i can't help noticing that you seems to love animal paintings so much, actually me too if you've noticed in my arts.... I even have a dream of becoming a wildlife illustrator one day....! By the way, thanks for your comment on my latest entry today....! Have a great, fantastic, and artistic weekend up ahead.... Take care....! =D

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  14. Hi Pepe,
    I do love drawing animals.
    I have no problem seeing you as an illustrator. You would be very good.
    You should check out Adolfo's work, I believe he is an illustrator in South America. We love seeing anything new he does.
    I just found out he has a blog, where you can see his rooster also.