Friday, February 1, 2008

New game of tag....

I've been tagged by Steve from Steve's Drawing Blog. This tag is for five things you don't know about me.
1. I have a degree in Architectural Technology. I used it in a job for about three years, ha, about the same amount of time that it took me to get it.
2. I love strong, strong coffee. I can drink it right up until I go to sleep, but I can't drink it in the morning. Coffee before 10:00am will have me snoring before noon.
3. I go for breakfast with my Mom, my Mother and Father In-Law, Lenore and anyone else who can make it every Friday morning.
4. My favorite season is Autumn. I love how the clouds race across the sky and the temperature is perfect.
5. This summer I will have been married twenty years!!!

Okay, now it is time to tag five other people.
1. Indiaartist- she is doing one a day paintings and is turning out some beauties!
2. Astig Museum- Pepe is bringing to life his memories of the Philippines . His drawings are full of colour and movement.
3. MBaldwin Fine Art-Marcia does one absolutely gorgeous painting after another, they are full of fun and colour.
4. Color On! - Cindy, who I just found while bouncing around the blogging world, does beautiful Coloured Pencil drawings. She uses an underpainting technique that I find very interesting, as well as working on black paper, something I am struggling with.
Now my tagged people have to tell five things about themselves, then go out and tag five other bloggers. Have fun, get to know people.


  1. This is first thing in the morning I saw, so I am tagged. I'll have to think before I post today. I liked all the interesting things about you and before I forget loved today's snap.

  2. How are you Paulette....? Thanks for the tag, promise i will do it ASAP.... Have a wonderful weekend....! =D

  3. Hi Paulette,
    Thanks for the tag.
    Here are a few little known facts about me.
    1. I am an avid outdoors man, or should say outdoors woman! Love of camping and hiking and kayaking has brought many days of adventure.
    2. I drive a truck, trailer my horses to wilderness horseback trails, ride a motorcycle, pull a camper to remote areas to set up my outdoor studio.
    3. I love animals and would adopt all the loving little faces of misplaced dogs and pups if I could.
    4. I have a fine arts degree in advertising, a masters degree in Art Education, worked in advertising agencies, taught in public and private schools and universities, even was a deputy sheriff for four years, and finally decided that my passion for painting fine art overshadowed all reason, and jumped in with both feet and $50 to start my own business, my own art studio and have enjoyed every minute of it for the past five years. It was time for me to enjoy making a living!
    5. I have two grown daughters and we enjoy traveling the world together, our latest trip through The Netherlands was a blast.

  4. Indiaartist,
    I look forward to hearing more about you and seeing who you tag.
    That photo showed up on my camera, I'm guessing my husband took it. It is always so neat to see the wildlife up close.
    Doing good! I hope you have a great weekend also.
    Okay, I want to be you when I grow up! I feel brave when I venture off the path in the forest behind us and I can hear the road from everywhere in there!
    You sound like your life has come together very well for you. It sounds like it was hard work, but now you are enjoying the rewards.
    I am glad you sharded a bit about yourself!

  5. So sweet about the breakfast! I don't drink coffee at all anymore. I've lost the taste for it, but I too, will be married 20 years this year. How they fly!

  6. Hi Beth,
    Isn't it true, the years go by so fast! That's part of the reason for the breakfasts.

  7. Lucky you Paulette. I too love strong, strong coffee - can't function without it - but unfortunately I can't drink it after 2:00pm or I'll never sleep.

    Rose S.

  8. Hi Rose,
    Not drinking coffee after 2pm would make me so sad. Although that is mostly what I hear from people, they can't understand my 10am thing.

  9. Thanks Paulette, i've tried applying as an illustrator twice and even cartoonist in a local news paper here but i was not so lucky.... Anyways, i know that one day i will get the break.... At the moment i'm busy with my job, and at the same time i'm studying how to draw my very own volumes of comic books.... =D