Monday, January 21, 2008


I am a born doodler! While art is very new to me, doodling has been with me for a lifetime. I am the person sitting in a meeting or class and my pen is going none stop. When I doodle, I listen better, I come away with a full understanding of what went on. When I just sit and listen, my mind takes over and I hear nothing of the person talking. Back in my grade school days, when teachers wouldn't let you doodle, I would start my homework while they talked. I have been to meetings now, where the lecturer will hand out blank paper and pens. It is a known fact that some people need to be busy in order to listen.
My doodles of the past were flat flowers, geometric designs and just pencil on paper or more preferably pen. Now my doodles include eyes and mouths, lines for shading, tones and values and a whole lot of.... just pencil on paper. You would laugh to see me doodle, it tends to be in the semi dark while watching a movie. I have been keeping a pad of paper and pencil next to my chair. I have been told by a certain someone to practice, practice, practice. Having paper and pencil handy will certainly help that.
Do you doodle? Do you fill the paper, or is each page a separate drawing?


  1. Hello Paulette.... I sure like your doodles, especially the childs face. Looks real good. ;-)

  2. every bit of pencil on paper helps...besides, doodles are fun, you should see my notepad at work!

  3. I like your doodles. The face of the child looks great...more doodles and you're there, forming a figure.

  4. It is great fun doodling, sometimes I just have to remember it is a good habit!
    Hi Mari, welcome.
    I just checked out your work, beautiful!

  5. Hey, I was wondering if I have written this post. Let's start a doodle society ;O).

  6. I doodle, but I don't fill the page. I just do margin sketches.

  7. I, too, have to be busy to listen. I tend to write various words over and over, draw eyes, and curvy lines. I'm sure it says something about us what we choose to doodle.

  8. India Artist,Nice to meet you!
    I like it a Doodle Society, every sheet of paper has to have a doodle beside it, official, scrap, doesn't matter:) Although I am not sure where you find time to doodle with a painting every day!
    Hi Beth,
    Mine stay to the margin on stuff that I am not supposed to be doodling on in the first place.
    Patsy Welcome!
    I am sure you are right, I think books could probably be written about the how, when, what of doodling!
    You have a lot going on in the blogging world, what I have read I enjoyed. I'll check you out more:)