Monday, April 6, 2009

Water colour.....

While I love water colour as a medium, I had no particular desire to try to learn it anytime soon. But... I am a firm believer in 'when opportunity knocks, answer the door'. Well opportunity knocked with a new website, Lori Andrews, Come Paint with Me!
Lori is offering free online water colour demonstrations, as well as downloadable, paid for lessons. There is an upcoming class near the end of April and Lori has let us know what we will need for materials.

While I am waiting on the class and the new materials, I decided to use what I have. I received an easel a while back and it came with some water colour paint tubes and I had some Dollar store paint brushes. (which I really like, although maybe just because I have never used a real brush).

Overall I am pretty happy with the picture of Bob. While by no means perfect, it does have some of the aspects that I like about water colour. I can see that learning to blend colours is going to be an art form all of its own.


  1. I think this is great! You have good colour matching and the lost and found edges work well too.

    Watercolour like all mediums has its own characteristics and with practice you get an understanding of the tricks of the trade.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the course. I'll look forward to seeing more of what you produce in this medium.

  2. Paulette, I was tickled pink to see your link about our site at Ning, Thank you so much for your writing about it. I feel since your post, I've had several requests to join. I couldn't be more grateful! Your watercolor here has so much love and feel to it! And your blending is well, just marvelous, as is your friendship. Thank you! Warmest hugs to you, Lori I'm really looking forward to painting with you!

  3. pretty good for a first try sis i liked it!!

  4. Dear Bob has never looked better - I think you're a real natural at watercolors!

  5. Great start, Paulette! I never would think that this is your first watercolor pic. Really beautiful and I know how difficult this medium is. Too diffiicult for me... *lol

  6. Jeanette, thank you, so far I am using the coloured pencil techniques that you taught us.

    Thank you Lori. The link is nothing compared to the info I am picking up from your site!

    Yeah family has finally left a comment! Thank you Brother of mine!

    Hola Fito, thank you!

    Hi Jan I sure am enjoying playing around with them.

    Hi Martina, the way you have been picking up mediums? I think not!

  7. Aww, this is so sweet! You really captured Bob's lovable expression!