Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 2009 VSD......

I haven't done a virtual sketch date in a while. There is a whole new way of signing up, so if I can figure that out, I'll be doing good. Here is my sketch I am working from. The original photograph is from Jeanette. I am showing the sketch first because it goes down hill from here.

Here is my horribly overworked flower done in water colour. I figured I was done but got to thinking what would it look like with a background.

For all that I just swabbed in the background with no finesse, it does show that the background was needed to finish the picture. Good thing to know for next time.


  1. Paulette, I think you have a good start here. Maybe step away and come back later to your watercolor. I think a really dark background would set off your buds beautifully.

  2. Really good, love the colors you chose, vibrant.

  3. I agree with Sherry. Try and go back with a dark background. Maybe in acrylics?

  4. Paulette, your drawing has a great start and your painting just needs some work/a wash, the suggestions already made are great. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

  5. I will encorauge you to try again, I believe all of us have this kind of problems, particularly with watercolor, which is difficult in many senses. Trying a mix technique will help!

  6. LOL :) thank you all for your comments. And tips!
    I am still learning the language of painting.
    The Dark background does seem to pull it forward. (The bit I put in)

    Victoria- a wash? over the whole thing? or just the buds? what colour?

    Ego- a mix technique?

    Ah regardless I have already done some more reading on water colours and have tried a maple leaf which I will post.
    Thanks again for all your encouragement!

  7. Watercolors are a struggle for me too, so no advice from me. But I do really like the vibrancy of this with color and the loose brush strokes. I do agree that putting it aside for a bit may allow you a fresh perspective when you view it again.

  8. Hi renissance woman, 0verworked is my middle name. I have read that as a rule of thumb,use only 2-3 washes.... I can't seem to stick to this. My brush and need for color takes over!!!

  9. This was a nice beginning with this image. You captured the colours nicely. I like the way you wrote around the edges the way one does with a sketch book as one explores. Keep on with the exploring and enjoy the watercolours. I can see your joy in the way you paint.
    Mary Jane

  10. Thank you Ann!

    LOL Shicat! I just read that the other day and immediately tried it again on a maple leaf and still went to far. Colour pencil takes so many layers, yet acts like water colour for shearness(word?)but certainly not for layers. I have to retrain.

    Thank you Mary Jane, I am having fun and wc will eventually give up some of it's secrets.;)

  11. I think you have used lovely colours. It is great looking at all the different paintings for this challenge.

  12. maybe a bit busy but there are so many lovely colours here. :) the dark background really sets off the other colours well.

    i agree, maybe coming back to it later might give you some more ideas?

  13. Thank you Milly. It is fun to see all the different versions of a photo.

    Thank you Jennifer. I have been playing around some more with water colour. Trying to figure it out.

  14. I like the colors in this piece. I agree with some of the others though. Sometimes I have to walk away from a painting for a while. Often when I come back I know what I want to do next. But watercolors can be quirky beasts at times. :)

  15. Hi Sydney,
    I am still so new to painting of any sort that I am still at that rush through it stage and I want to keep layering colours like with CP.
    I have to learn to step back soon enough that I don't have a mud pie instead of a painting. :)