Sunday, April 5, 2009


My son William was in a robotics competition last night, Robofest. His team won and made it to the world finals, which luckily for him is right next door in Michigan.
It made for a great place to do some sketching. While William never seemed to be in a good place to sketch, the one little boy on the team sat still for a while. My husband Jim, a coach, stood watching the kids so I was able to get him in in bits on the right.

The same little boy and one of the Moms from another team. The team was huddled around the playing field and I thought I would be able to sketch them but they moved around too much. I should have brought another sketch book or some blank paper. I didn't want to fill up my sketch journal but could have easily sketched for quite a bit longer and at different times during the day.

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