Friday, November 14, 2008

Gracie is taking shape....

Here I have sketched in some more fur and worked on the nose. I am doing the fur at this point with cloud blue. Her nose has dark brown, peach, true blue, peacock green, violet, black cherry, indigo blue and white.

You can start to see some volume with the mouth filled in. I used a different picture for the mouth. I wanted a bit more tongue and less teeth to show. Her tongue has cloud blue, blush pink, pink, lilac, violet and white. Her teeth are white, cream, peach and light umber. Her gums and lip were done with indigo blue, black cherry, violet, true blue and white. The colours in the fur are bits and pieces of the colours named so far.


  1. This is progressing really well Paulette!

  2. That looks fantastic already! Looking forward to see it finished. The black paper seems to be working for this kind of subject, and your pencil work looks very very good. You are definitely on a roll girly!

  3. Love your dog drawings! It is nice to see the step-by-step approach.

  4. Thank you guys.
    I am having fun working with it.
    Thanks for stopping in!