Monday, November 17, 2008

Gracie has ears.....

Added fur to the lighter side. Here are some of the colours, white, cream, cloud blue, true blue, apple green, blush pink, parma violet, light umber, black cherry and indigo blue.

Worked on the ears and the darker side. Here are the colours, white, cloud blue, parma violet, true blue, light umber, violet, black cherry and indigo blue.

This photo gives a better idea on what the colours actually look like.
The sheet I am working on is about 8.5x13, I am hoping to frame it in an 8X10 frame. As you see I didn't plan that as well as I could have. Ha, I just remembered that I was actually thinking 5x7, so there should have been plenty of room to crop and frame. I basically drew in the nose and started working around it, so my minor planing went out the door. I have to learn not to do that.


  1. this is looking great :D Love the fur texture you have

  2. This is looking great, Paulette! And Gracie is such a cutie!

  3. This is beautiful! What size did you use? I have been watching from my Yahoo!
    Is it all Colored Pencil?

  4. Hello Paulette,
    I have been away from drawing and no time to check out the blogs.
    Let me tell you, you have done an incredible job with Gracie. I really love it

  5. Great work! excellent tecnic, buenos trazos Paulette! un abrazo, y like your tu new look

  6. Paulette las frutas en el bosque te ha quedado increible! excellent! es una bella pieza.

    Lo he visto ya montado y es maravilloso, yo tengo tantos trabajos para poner marco pero resulta muy caro.

  7. Thank you Jennifer!

    Gracie is a sweetheart, thanks Jan!

    Hi Sherrie, the page is about 8.5x 13" I am hoping to frame in an 8X10, I hope I didn't screw that up! It is all Prisma colour pencil.

    Hi Clara, thank you! I have been watching your tiger also, it is really coming along. I hope you're feeling more settled and can get back to it.

    Hola Fito!Thank you so much!
    Framing is very expensive, I don't know how people do it. This drawing is just sitting on an easel. The ones I have framed went to charity, so the cost was just part of the doing.