Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dog eyes and a nose.....

I am in a CP animal drawing class at Drawspace. Our first thing to do is try out some eyes, nose and fur. The picture on the top right is after I add more reddish browns, the dog was more red than I realized.

I didn't do as well on the dog's nose, not enough patience. Something you need loads of with CP.

I took my camera on our walk today, hoping to get some decent pictures of Gracie. The sun was really bright and washed her out a bit, she looks really grey here. Today was a real treat, it was warm enough to wear shorts.


  1. that is a great looking eye :D And well done with the fur.

    Is Gracie a Bouvier des Flandres? She really looks the Bouvs I have had (I miss them). She looks happy here :)

  2. Thank you Jennifer.
    Gracie is a Bouvier, she is such a sweetheart! She is very happy we just started a walk in the woods, her favorite!