Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting started on the full Gracie....

I decided that I liked the Gracie nose on black paper enough to go ahead and do the full picture. This is the outline so far.

Here is the picture I will be working from. This was taken on a walk in the woods. I couldn't believe that she sat still long enough for me to get several pictures.

This is the Gracie nose with some white highlights added and trimmed into an ATC size. I also took the picture with better lighting, it shows more of the colours that I used.


  1. Your dog made me smile....I have never seen a more interesting looking dog! He looks like a lovable fuzz ball, and the ears are adorable, right along with his goatee.

  2. Hi Christine,
    Hee, hee, that goatee sure does make you think male. Gracie is a sweetheart that constantly has us giggling. She is in dire need of a hair cut, of course she is always in dire need of a hair cut, so I might as well draw her the way she is.:)

  3. Whoops! What was I thinking??? Tztztz....of course i knew that Gracie is a girl.