Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cat ear.....

Jeanette of Illustrated Life offered to help out anyone that had questions on drawing animals, over at Drawspace. I decided this was a good time to tackle a cat's ear. I find them fairly difficult to do. Between the wispy hairs and the depth to the back of the ear, they can be difficult to do.
The first image is the photo I am working from and the second one is my drawing, CP on drafting film. I did it ATC size. I have currently posted it on the forum and I will wait to see what I need to work on. Obviously my shape needs work.
My questions would be are the wispy hairs and depth of the ear believable?


  1. Paulette I think you did great with those cat white hairs ;(
    I love all your art, and I can see your improvement in each new drawing you do.Keep it up .

  2. Hi Clara,
    Thank you, I am going to have to try them with the impressed line, like Jeanette said and see if I like that better.

  3. I too agree completely with kaly, but also had to mention I LOVE and I mean ADORE your banner. So clever and so GOOD!

  4. Thank you very much Beth!
    I am glad it has been noticed.