Saturday, April 26, 2008

Morning Fruit....

It's all done. There are things I like about it and things I don't like about it. I got the vibrant colours I wanted. My stump turned out pretty good. Now of course it is always easier to see what you don't like in your own work. First I don't like the grain of the paper. I used Mi-Tients, I wished I had tried the smooth side. I think I might have used the same # of layers without getting a gummy look on the smooth side. I don't like the rays of sunlight, it seems juvenile, in the drawing. In my photograph I liked them. I wish now that I had done something more subtle to convey the light. Possibly going with colours to convey the trees and light rather than structured lines. Overall it's not too bad, but if I was going to hang something on the wall it would be my photograph. If you want to see the rest of the WIP photos they're in a post on the new LMA.

Let's Make Art has a new site!
Let’s Make Art is a home for self taught artists where they can safely display their work in all media, share tips and ideas, learn from each other or just be friends. It is a social network as much as an art place. Membership is totally free.

You get your own page to customize, your photos can be put in albums and you can have a slide show. It reminds me a whole lot of Sue's Sunday Salon with lots of interaction between members.


  1. Thanks for the comment Paulette.... By the way, sorry for the late reply.... I was a bit busy doing a lot of things lately.... Have a great weekend....! =D

  2. Great work, Paulette! And I love your Let's Make Art WIP.

  3. I really like this piece Paulette! I love your use of colour. I agree, the colours are vibrant. While you may not have enjoyed the more textured side of the paper, it looks great. I find the work reminds me of pastel and I love the look of pastel. :-) I also really like how you handled your strokes.

  4. Hi Pepe, it's always good to see you!
    I hope you are having fun while you are busy.

    Maricello,thank you!

    Teresa, thank you. I am starting to get used to the look of it.

  5. I think you did a beautiful job on your "Morning Fruit."


  6. I haven't had a chance to comment but have been following your wip. Personally, I think you handled the light rays very well & they don't look juvenile to me. I hate the textured side of MiTientes and it's a wonder you even finished this as it's such a struggle to work on with cp.

  7. Jan,
    Thank you.
    It wasn't until I started adding colour that I realized that I didn't like the texture. If I had done a test piece I would have found that out.