Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Camp Cook.....

My two younger sons William and Douglas went to camp this weekend. I went too, just not as Mom. I went as the camp cook. Luckily I am not the only volunteer, there were several of us to do the work. I have seniority, since I have been going to camp for about 8 yrs, ever since Alex started cubs. When I started I offered to help out in the kitchen.....when I got there I found out I was it! I had to cook for about 15 kids and 5 adults. Now we cook for about 20 kids and about 10 adults.

I brought my camera to camp with the intention of getting some art worthy pictures. Someone mentioned that my plate of fruit looked good, so I started with it the first morning. It was a great time to take pictures, the sun was just coming up and there was frost touching everything. I had a great time walking around the hills, and mud, taking pictures. I even remembered to take pictures of children. I had three nieces, a nephew and a Brother in Law at the camp also, so, actually there are quite a few pictures of children.


  1. That fruit plate with the mornings' rays, beckons for a painting, no?

    The forlorn frown on the pole sums up the first day of sleep away camp when my son was 7.

    Camp is waaaay more fun for adults.

    How did we ever travel without a camera? Look what we would have missed.

  2. Yes I am contemplating doing it with colour pencil. I haven't broken into painting yet.
    My guys are old hat at it now. But I remember some frowns like that in the beginning.
    It's true, I have met some wonderful people at the camps and we have a great time. Sleep deprived and all!