Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Colours Out My Window....

This was the view out my window on March 28th. It is unusual for us to have a snow storm this late in the season. The colours are what caught my attention, the sky, the snow in the sun and the snow in the shade. it made for a delightful day to look out the window.

This morning I woke up to this glorious shade of blue. The snow of three days ago is long gone. I was really glad that I grabbed my camera as this lasted only moments.


  1. The colors are great and I'm glad you got the pics when you did.

    Of course, "snow" is a four-letter word to me and I would be just as happy not to see any in my part of the country! Glad it's gone for you too even though you like snow. You just gotta be tired of it by now!

  2. to be an art creates a better observation about us. Iyou phtos show this when i start my paunting i start with a wash of color that creates the moud of what is seen or felt. it is like looking out a window in my mind

  3. Jan,
    I have to admit I am ready for the snow to go. I sat in the sun drinking coffee with a friend yesterday. I, unfortunately, received my first burn of the year. But, oh, did it feel good to have the sun on my face!

    My favorite saying talks about I haven't seen it until I have drawn it. I'll have to try that wash of blue in the paint program and see if I can come up with the same feel.