Monday, February 11, 2008

Do You See...

It is interesting to see the images that come from giving the camera to the kids. They have a different perspective on life, if only because they are a foot or two short than you are. Well that may be an exaggeration, now a days they are catching up fast if not already towering over me! Regardless, they travel different paths, different things look interesting to them and they always come up with a couple of interesting pictures.

Did they take the picture of the broken tree because it was dangling way up there (threatening their very lives)? Or did they take it because they saw the long neck dinosaur checking them out?

What did they see (while standing on the thinnest piece of ice) looking down the creek? Did they see the rather pompous looking rabbit or did they see how far they could look down the creek?


  1. Hello! yo veo un Dinosaurio con su largo cuello, beautiful your blog!, un gran saludo y gracias por tu visita.

  2. Thank you Fito!
    I take that as a great compliment coming from you!