Monday, February 18, 2008

Yellow Hornbill....

Here is a new sprite that I worked on this week. This guy was part of the weekly challenge at Drawspace. Marisa dragged a camera and zoom lens around Africa to get us this great picture. I am sure it was for us!

I remembered to save this picture as I was working on it. Here is the series.

I work in MS Paint, 100 x100 pixels (about an inch square). I zoom to about 600% and look at the thumbnail at the same time, as it gets very pixelated near the end. This is done with one layer.
One of the members at DS was showing us how to do sprites, I guess they get used in games like Mario Brothers. I found I enjoyed doing them, that they were more fun than playing games on the computer. Whenever I find myself getting into mindlessly playing games, I try to switch over to doing one of these. That way I am still learning about colour, shape and tones.


  1. Interesting. I'm adding your blog to my reading list :)

  2. Read your interview. It was great. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you Marisa!
    I'll be checking yours out also, it is cool hearing you play.
    Indiaartist,Thank you!

  4. I hope so Paulette, i'm still busy though.... Have i told you that i found an online job as an illustrator for children books in thailand....? The pay is not really much, but i am after the experience and the exposures.... I'm currently working on my first book and at the moment i've just finished chapter 2, still about 15 more chapters to go.... It's not that hard but everytime i draw it should be in a set of two, colored, and black & white.... I love it, it's fun....! Have a great weekend Paulette....! =D

    By the way, this hornbill is fantastic....! Great idea taking photos of the process, i was doing that before too when i was still free to do some oil paintings....! =D

  5. Pepe,
    How wonderful! I know you will do a great job!
    Thank you (on the hornbill)!