Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sculptural Book Making....

One of the newer members at Drawspace is an art teacher. Garth offered to do some art classes for us, which I jumped at! In this first class (first of many I hope) he showed us how to bind a book. I used black paper, cardboard and red cord.
Garth used Power point and video to teach the course, trying to find out what works best with Drawspace. Both were very well done, the video had the added bonus of Celtic music in the background.


  1. Hi Gorgeous, please come over to my blog, I have an award for you! ;- )

  2. Paulette- I so admire the way you take on the next leaps in your creative journey. Journeys, really.

    Hand made books have a weighty timelessness about them- good place to vault your drawings.

    Like your next series of animal playing cards.

  3. Thank you Christine!

    Hi Bonnie,
    It was fun working on the book. I think Garth is going to show us some other things we can do as well. The cat trade is for 18 cards, so that might be a good way to use my new book.