Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I needed to do some sketching and well Bob is on my mind a lot lately.
He is not doing so well. He is on heart medication. Sometimes it seems to work miraculously and others not so well at all. The walls of his heart have thinned out, so it doesn't beat as well as it should. This results in his lungs filling with fluid. He then coughs out this fluid and anything that he might have eaten. It has been really tough to keep any weight on him.
The thing that always amazes me with a sick dog is their ability to shake it off. I take out a leash and he is right there. We've been tramping through woods and over hills....we actually have one in Essex County! I have been trying to keep the puppy busy so we get a good work out. Bob leads the way for the whole thing, I am the slow one in the group.
I guess he'll go until he keels over. I think if I could ask him he would rather die running, over sleeping.


  1. Its hard when an older dogs starts exhibiting health problems. Bob's enthusiasm for running reminds me of my old dog. He was arthritic, deaf and had heart problems too. On the day he died he spent the morning chasing rabbits in the woods behind the house. Yes, running over sleeping is the way to go. I wish him well.

  2. Thank you Jeanette, I hope it does go that way for him.

  3. You seem to be a true lover of animals. I can appreciate that in a person.
    I was attracted to your blog by the concept. I kind of decided I too was going to learn to play piano...and get my BA in illustration...and finally get that black belt.
    So ...yay for us renaissance women!

  4. Nothing gets you up better in the morning than something new to learn!