Sunday, March 16, 2008

Self portrait.....

Jeanette, over at Illustrated Life, set up a portrait challenge with a twist , over at Drawspace. This is my line drawing for it. I know I'm scarier looking than you all thought I would be.LOL The twist was that it should not be the average view of yourself. I think I fulfilled that! I did cheat a bit, I posterized the picture I was working from. My inspiration level has been low so I wanted to just jump in and get going. This was still about an hours worth of work.


  1. Paulette, I have to admit - that's scary!

    But, I'll just hang on and wait for the finish!

    Was wondering what had happened to you & have missed seeing your art. I hope this "scares" you into getting back into drawing!

  2. Hi Jan,
    I've been doing lots of doodling not much art. Not to mention March seems to be a crazy busy month this year, with spring break and Easter and various birthdays. I have some ATCs to get done so one way or another I am getting back to it!

  3. You look smashing my Dear ;-)especially with that sweet smile (big grin)