Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finger painting....

Spring Pond
11x8-72 pixels/inch

Just doing some finger painting via PhotoFiltre. You can put colour down on the page then use the little hand with the finger sticking out to spread it around. Almost as fun as the real thing. The clean up was definitely better!


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  2. Very pretty! Kind of makes me want to try it in real paint, though, chances are, it would, indeed, be messy. :-)

    (I also got this "likeable" post on my blog, though on some other topic. I ignored it, but think now I will delete it.)

  3. Don't you just love the "cleaness" & almost limitless possibilities of digital?

    This is really pretty and I think you should do more of them! Have you ever tried fractals? They're more mathematical than actual art but very pretty just the same.

  4. Smartphone, thanks for looking.

    Maricello, thank you, while I do have some paints that were given to me, I haven't so much as opened them yet:)
    As to the other (shoulder shrug) I got one before, I'll only worry if it gets too much.

    Jan, it is great and way better than playing solitaire on the computer! What are fractals? What do you do them on?

  5. Hey Paulette, looks nice. I can see how this could evolve into something special artwise. Keep doing it!

  6. Fractals are math-based, computer generated, randomly produced "abstract" art. They can be stunningly beautiful and look somewhat like your finger painting. They also can be as addictive to produce as playing solitaire! lol