Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Dog Park.....

Many experts say no to dog parks. I have to agree and yet there I am with my dogs. I go there with a great group that is centered around a dog walker and her dogs. We have all found out what time she goes there so that we can show up at the same time. The dogs all do their business, we clean up and then off we go for a walk in the woods. We head down to the river where the dogs get a good workout chasing sticks and balls into the water. After an hour of walking and swimming we head back to the dog park and visit a while.
Now we have made a dog pack around the dog walker so maybe it takes care of some of the problems that are associated with dogs meeting. Ed Frawley has an ebook on Why dog parks are a bad idea. It is worth reading and understanding what you are getting into.
Something I have found on my own is that if you only have your dog off leash and never deal with it in a training situation, you will begin to have problems. Running and getting the extra exercise is great but training is very important. That goes for you small dog owners too!!! Ed Frawley has some great training info on the net for free as well as selling DVDs with more info. I find him a bit extreme but more and more I find that his information is very good.
Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer is also an excellent source of information. I find his approach to be common sense, after he explains what common sense for dogs is! Much of what the two of them have to say is the same. Mostly be your dog's leader. I wonder what Cesar thinks of dog parks?