Monday, July 30, 2007

Photo Treasure Hunt....

William and Douglas went on a photo treasure hunt. They took five pictures of each item on the list. These pictures are the favorite in each category. Next we are looking up what each thing is.

The boys picked Wilbur the Great White Pine for their tree picture.

They picked this rock for the skeleton image they could see.
We think this is a Gypsy Moth Pupa, insect picture.
The boys picked Grumpy for their person photo. Dad got the Grumpy sticker at Disney World because he was grumpy in the morning.
In the toy category they picked their friends Nintendo DS Lite.
Our neighbors 2007 Hyundai, Santa Fe made the car category.
Bob made the cut for pets and animals. Bob is a Great Dane.
The mailbox came about in 1923.
Good fences make good neighbors. We learned that this phrase comes from Robert Frost's, Mending Wall.
Inukshuks make really interesting garden structures.
This fire hydrant made the anything category. In addition to being handy for putting out fires it is a doggy message board.

Best photo of the day.

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