Friday, July 11, 2008

Lonely boat.....

Charcoal is a lot of fun for sketching. It goes down so easily, you can change direction without a second thought and you get wonderful dark blacks. I am having a good time seeing what it can do. I have some charcoal pencils to try out next time.

This quick sketch was for the July challenge at Let's Make Art.


  1. Hi Paulette,
    looks like you are having fun sketching with that charcoal. I ordered some things from Dick Blick, and just realized I made a mistake and ordered 2 tubs of charcoal...yikes....that'll last me until forever. If you want one of them, let me know and I'll send it to charge ;-)

  2. Thank you for the generous offer. It doesn't seem to go very fast, I have had some given to me and I bought some pencils too.:) So I would have to say try to send it back or maybe give it to a charity. Thanks again for thinking of me.
    You'll have fun working with them, they're very immediate for results.