Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Over at Let's Make Art I have been leading a photography class. At first I wasn't sure I was the right person to take on the group. I have no specific knowledge of photography, I just love a good picture.

Then I realized that I do have knowledge to share for the amateur and that there are plenty of people out there giving information that is more specific to photography, lens and lighting and f-stops, oh-my. What I can give is how to get a good picture that you want to draw and display. I can teach how I pick my photos, how I set them up and what I look for in a good photo. I can teach, that with a point and shoot on automatic, you can get great photos.

With my lessons, where I am also learning, I give them challenges to complete. This photo above I got when the challenge was to go out at different times of day and take pictures with the light at different angles. This one was set up in the early morning.

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