Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Colours Outside My Window....

These pictures are for the newest exchange at Drawspace. This set of ATCs are for the theme April showers bring May flowers. I had been taking these photos of the woods outback and I was amazed at the variety of colours that show up. I got to thinking that this was a neat idea for our trade, so I went through our photos and found some for the appropriate time frame.

One of the difficulties was trying to filter out all the excess branches and trees, while still coming up with something believable. At the same time I tried to give my insights for the woods as well. Like in April 11th I tried to show how the woods turn almost red with the new growth of branches. I don't think that I did them (the colours, the woods) justice, but I can see myself tackling this again. Maybe with different mediums or supports. The last one is from my impression of looking up at the trees in the backyard after they filled in, my May flowers.
March 28th

April 1st

April 11th

April 19th

April 25th

May 15th


  1. Hi paulette,
    wonderful pictures you have taken, and nice drawings too.
    I love your blog


  2. Paulette, that's pretty need that you live so close to the woods. Must be a great playground for your kids.

    I love the texture of the bark on April 11.

  3. Thank you Clara!

    Hi Christine,
    The kids love it and it is beautiful to watch.

  4. Beautiful work paulette! excellet,

  5. Thank you, Paulette, for the comment on my Blog. Although many, many people look, very seldom does anyone leave comments. As you can see, I do usually post all of my Drawspace work to my blog as I do have several people who look regularly - mostly friends and family - so I like to keep it updated, as well. But, I guess that is why I enjoy Drawspace so much; there is a great deal of interaction with others and it is interesting and fun. :) I need to get on more often, though, and make comments myself. It is just rather time consuming if you comment on everyone's work. I do like your work with the landscape at different seasons and times of the day. Wonderful expression of emotion through value and color.

  6. Thank you Fito!

    Hi Barbara,
    Thank you!
    I look at the blogs that I read in a reader, so it saves time. You only look at the ones that have updated, since you last looked.