Saturday, September 29, 2007

Baby girl finished....

I decided on Thursday that I wanted to do a picture for my Goddaughter's birthday. Thursday I drew the line drawing. Thursday night I bought the drafting film that I wanted to do it on. Friday evening I started drawing and at 4:30 Saturday morning I matted and framed! It is ready for her party today.
Sometimes I get a little crazy! Next time I'll have to give myself more notice.
While it is cute and not bad for a first child picture, the rushing does show. My strokes are not nearly smooth enough for that baby skin.
I also found out that drafting film has two different textures to it. I think I prefer the other side, I just didn't have the time to start over. I'll have to experiment with the film and see if I am right.


  1. Paulette, this is beautiful! and I love the hat. Love your Lenore and Cat Eyes too, not to mention your great collection of photos for the drawing challenge. Nice, clear, well-composed.

    I'm Marisolcello from Drawspace--I came across your blog while randomly searching for blogs about Drawspace. My blog is about learning to play the cello, but I put my cat eyes on my blog too. :-)

  2. Fancy meeting you here! It was great having you participate in the challenge this week. I am off to check out your blog. I hope you are doing better at the cello than I am at the piano!