Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cats in the Mail.....

Here are the wonderful cats that showed up in my mail box. From top to bottom and left to right.
Garth -Exotic, Ken -Future King, Mindy -Curiosity, Donna -Where's my dinner, Jeanne -Cat#4, Gretchen -Play time, Cathy -Garfield, Sue -Grooming, Roxy -Jazz Cat, Kay -Cat on fence, Gilbert -Cat and ball, Len -Creeping kitty, Kim -Lazy afternoon, Claudio -The Cheshire cat, Marilyn -It's not what I wanted, Carol -Tuxedo cat, Sveta -The Artist/Sleeping cats.


  1. Isn't fun getting those atc's in the mail? I'm just glad they aren't real cats for your sake though! lol

    Was looking at the ones you did and they look terrific! Like what you did with the moon and all too. You and Jim make a good team.

  2. Hello Jan, that would be a lot of cats! The ATCs do make mail time more fun.