Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas puppies.....

This is Magic. We have just adopted her, she is a retired breeder from Quiche Kennels. She is eight years old and doing very well adapting to our home. As you can see, she even puts up with Christmas hats.

Here is Gracie, she is not so happy with the hat. This took a lot of coaxing and numerous pictures!


  1. we could never get hats or antlers on any of our dogs. They always wanted to eat the hat :p

    Good to read about someone adopting an older dog :D

  2. That's so cute Paulette. I can only imagine the coaxing to get Gracie to put up with this.

    How are she and Magic getting along?

  3. Hi Jennifer and Jeanette,
    If we weren't holding them they were pawing the hat off, immediately. Although I told my son that if he worked at it Magic might come to accept it.
    They are actually doing very well, I was worried about Gracie, she has such a sweet personality, I didn't want her to be cowed by a stronger dog. I have found out that she is able to take care of her self. Magic is very well trained so walking them is beautiful instead of the nightmare I was expecting.

  4. These are great looking dogs Paulette! I am glad to hear that Magic is fitting right in with you guys.

  5. Thank Christine, she is a sweety!

  6. LOL!!! Gracie's soooo cute! the perfect christmas dog.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Philippine islands. :-)

  7. Merry Christmas! Beautiful edition to the family.

  8. :) Thank you Palma!

    Merry Christmas Sherrie and Happy New Year!

    Thanks for visiting Liz!

  9. Where have you been? Was wondering if you'd stop by my blog when you can as I have something for you.